10 Great Travel Safety Products of 2024 Worth Having

Great Travel Safety Products of 2022 Worth Having
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Smart affordable travel gear to enhance a safer  trip in 2024

Traveling abroad can be quite challenging and daunting. Not only is one overwhelmed by the anxiety of being out of one’s comfort zone but also the uncertainty of being with strangers in a strange area with different norms and customs. 

Such adventures are often undertaken with valuable items like laptops, cameras, smartphones, etc, or perhaps with not so easily available essential items locally.

Whether traveling on a budget or even on a splurge, any extra hassle and inconvenience could seriously impact the joy and excitement of your trip. Think about losing your passport in a remote area or say being robbed, or losing your cash, credit card, phone, useful contacts, documents, etc. How about the turmoil of being assaulted on the streets or even at home.?

The sad reality is in my extensive experience visiting over 52 countries around the globe, while  I have been lucky not to have been mugged,  I have met and encountered several tourists, who have been victims of at least one of the above-mentioned scenarios.

The Happysimus product research team identified a couple of travel gadgets and items as well as some valuable safety tips when traveling abroad.

This product is one of my favorites. A belt is often a common part of our clothing. Being able to have a secret pouch to store extra cash especially for the night outs could prove very valuable.

Henry a traveler from Sweden I met in Lithuania recounts keeping a big chunk of his night money in the secret pouch of his money belt while keeping a small amount in his pocket. On several occasions, taxi drivers trying to overprice tourists would lower the charge upon realizing that ‘he did not have so much money on him.

A must-have for night-outs and adventure trips-> GRAB YOURS AT AMAZON TODAY

Related items; The money Pouch

Money Pouch

Secure money and items Waist belt

cash and items waist belt

Paul from France recounts often overspending or misplacing cash on night outs. By storing his emergency money in his belt, he always had somewhere to rely on when it was time to go home.

Even Eden from Germany I met in Medellin Colombia recounted once when locals in Bogota tried to rob him and a friend. The muggers ended up collecting just some coins and small banknotes after they showed their barely empty pockets. Guess where the real Dollars and Pesos were stored?

As a general travel word of caution,  In case you are hiding or storing your valuables always have some easily available small cash as a decoy to ‘appease the robbers” Some muggers have been known to hurt tourists with “ too little or no cash on them”.

I seriously encourage outdoor-loving travelers getting this money belt especially for night outs or even as a secure storage location for storing valuable cash in general. 

Smart Alarm Door Bolt.

Whilst on a vacation to Cyprus, there was this unfortunate media story of a teenage girl in Ayia Napa Cyprus who after returning to her hotel room from a party night was woken up by some stranger who had broken into her room trying to assault and abuse her.

An alarm door bolt like the smart device above might play a role in thwarting such an intrusion by not only keeping the door bolted but also sounding a repelling noise and scaring the hell out of any would-be infiltrator.

I personally became aware of this product on a vacation to the Caribbean Island. An apartment mate-Kesi would use this on her Airbnb in a neighborhood that could sometimes be rowdy late at night.

This Alarm door belt is light and would easily fit on a carry-on without any significant hassle.

Tired of constantly misplacing and finding your valuable items ; keys, phones, etc

Let this Smart item finder ease your malaise!. Great to use during weekend getaways and vacations.

Some of the features this smart device offers are:

-Cute design, nice, & easy to use. 

-Small in size, portable and convenient
-Find your key or any other items easily
-Remote control by sound
-Whistle or shout within 7 meters to make it beep and flash
-It comes with a chainring and an installed battery as well as a LED torch With ON/OFF Switch.

key finder

I chose to add this product on the list because of its practicability for travelers with cars especially to remote areas or even areas where car theft via jumpstarting is pretty rampant. An interesting belt to secure and keep your car and even other mobile machines from being steered away.

This is obviously a no brainer. I  however felt it important to add it to this list as often times many individuals travel with valuables with no real possibility to secure or lock it up… A device like this helps to bundle and temporarily secure your belonging especially if you plan to be away for a short while. This is particularly practical for short visits to the restroom or to check the information board etc.

Tony I met in Bolivia recalled strapping her travel bag while napping with a lock like this on a long intercity or international travel which could sometimes last up to 25 hours in a bus.

On a trip to Ireland in late 2017, I Spent time at a hostel with nice lockers and storage compartments for personal belongings and luggage albeit requiring a personal padlock.

With no padlock taken along, I had to cough out a significant Irish chunk of Euros to purchase one (added to the comparatively expensive hotel/hostel booking rates), to be able to lock up my stuff. As if that was not annoying enough, on a night out I misplaced the key of the relatively expensive padlock and had to pay extra the next day for the storage to be broken open. Having secure combinations padlocks like the one below gives you the possibility for extra security at the same time, less worry or hassle of misplacing any keys while enjoying your trip.

This is one of Sarah’s favorite travel gadgets; Sarah a routine solo traveler from Toronto has had to use her personal security alarm to dissuade would-be intruders and abusers at least twice. It’s sharp noise, surprises and scares any intruder or abuser adding some extra sense of security and deterrence.

Ideal for women, ladies, young girls and vulnerable individuals  to carry along in areas of possible abuse

It could also be used in locating and identifying individuals in need of attention as well.

An extra bonus is a variety of colors to choose from as well as the extra key chain function

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