How to meditate – Improve Your Life and Emotional Wellbeing with Meditation

 How to mediate - The beautiful benefits of Meditation.

Do you find it hard to meditate.?

Perhaps you are one of those people who has heard about the possible benefits of Meditation or talked about your desire to start meditating. Still, when it comes time to practice it, you fall flat and empty after closing your eyes and daydreaming about your worries and anxiety worsened by the leg cramps from your failed attempt to emulate a zen posture.

Lets us try approaching this sacrad art one more time from a more pragmatic angle.

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Meditation is said to be a technique or art of concentration. This incredibly beneficial practice leads us to an awakening that allows us to appreciate every space, time, and beauty surrounding us on this earthly plane to live a full life of wisdom, joy, and happiness. Meditation represents a core inner peace and well-being habit—a fundamental recipe for nurturing the mind and contributing to an overall sense of fulfillment.

Grasping and harnessing its importance requires time, practice, and continuous discipline.


Through this tranquil introspection, one not only learns to relax and stay mentally grounded, but it also serves as a potent outlet to strengthen one’s self-knowledge and self-awareness. Meditation opens the doors to knowing and realizing the power within us. Mystically speaking, it is discovering an inner force, a god-like force in the depths of our being, unveiling the true nature of divinity and bliss.

The path of self-knowledge through Meditation sheds light on personal philosophical questions like your purpose of existence-why you are here on planet earth, who you are, and where you are going in a genuine search for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

10 Great Benefits of Meditation - Why you should make Meditation a core routine of life

Meditation is a discipline that has an ancient secret, which is of utmost importance to appropriate it in our lifestyle for its many health benefits. Today we live in “a society plagued by auditory, visual, mental and several other forms of pollutions aka emotional noise. Through Meditation, we can empty stress and anxiety and manifest mindfulness, peace of mind, and well-being – core recipes for joy and happiness.

My newfound sense of well-being and inner peace has cast away any resistance  I had before, making this practice a fundamental part of my daily routine.

Below are ten beautiful benefits of this often underestimated art.

  1. Meditation improves one’s sense of mindfulness and fosters being present in the moment.                                          It is s a mental training technique that strengthens your ability to make decisions and be more aware of your feelings.
  2. It improves concentration:   This helps us be more focused and less distracted, thus having an easier time learning and retaining information. 

3. Mediation even improves brain power: Research shows that Meditation stimulates the growth of a part of the brain called the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for decision-making and willpower.

4.  It generates more empathy and compassion: This translate to a less sociopathic person, i.e., it improves our social interactions and relationships.

5. Meditation Reduces one’s stress levels: The art of calming one’s mind physiologically reduces the production of stress hormones. When next you think about meditating, be aware it is an effective and simple tool to address stress and reduce anxiety levels. 

6. Meditation improves brain power, i.e., it slows down the continuous mental decline associated with age: As we age, our cognitive capacity declines, but by controlling feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression through Meditation, this decline is minimized. 

7. Meditation might help reduce insomnia: This translates to a more pleasant and lasting sleep and rest. Try calming your mind when next you find yourself having difficulties having a good night’s rest.

8. It might reduce physical pain: More ease and calm means fewer headaches, muscle aches, or fibromyalgia. It is incredible to imagine your need for Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, or perhaps even stronger meds like Morphins being reduced by learning to free your mind from emotional baggage.

9. Meditation improves one’s mood by reducing negative feelings, i.e., inducing feelings of overall well-being and satisfaction: This is undoubtedly an excellent recipe for a happier life. You know Happysimus is all about happiness and well-being – that universal core human desire in all their undertakings.

10. Reduces obesity:  You sure know by now that the mind and body form a symbiotic system where the well-being of one nourishes the other. By reducing stress and generating more vitality, one is less likely to be a victim of eating disorders or a captive of a sedentary lifestyle.

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