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PARIS the CIty of LOVE

We can tell you everything about Paris

create your vacation destiny

everything you need to know before arriving in spectacular Paris

what is the must-see spot in Paris and what don't you recommend to visit?


Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Where should I book a hotel or maybe it would be best to rent an apartment?

Some cool tips you should know


Paris is for everyone. you can even find gluten-free restaurants and markets.


Concerts and outdoor opera events are happening all year long. it's an amazing experience.


Paris can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts of Paris.​

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Dogs are welcome. you can find great parks and stores just for your little friend


be polite and patient. try to enjoy the people and the atmosphere of Paris.

Smile and enjoy Paris. take a long walk around and talk to people.

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