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The power of sex

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A Short Insightful  Essay on the Mystery, Influence, and Power of Sex

 Just three letters aka one simple word with such a very powerful and unimaginable influence. A word that depending on the culture, society, and situation; conjures taboo, passion, love,  pain, disease even wars and death. There are few words with such magnitude and power. 

Unapologetically pursued by a multitude of individuals; Young, and old,  grown-up bearded men and mature women,  chicas and papis,  youths and teenagers, they all toil and toil, fall and cheat, love and kill just to experience and savor this powerful in a way sacred and mystical fruit.

Nations have been shaped and re-shaped because of this three-letter word. 

Sanity, virginity, chastity, morality, and much more directly or indirectly gained momentum from this too.  In all its intricacy, intimacy, tabooing, one fact is clear with the exception of a few in vitro fertilized embryos, everyone you see around is a product of sex. It would therefore not be an overstatement to say sex is life!

Written by Chefbang-  The sexuality free thinker



“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.” 

–Marilyn Monroe

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