What is Ikigai -Finding Your Reason For Being

What is Ikigai -Finding Your Reason For Being
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Your raison d'être; Your Purpose and Meaning


What is your purpose for existing?
What core drive do you have when you get up every day?
What gives you meaning and purpose in life.?
These deep philosophical questions are essential to living a more fulfilling and happy life.

The East Asian island nation of Japan is a country known for its exciting and rich culture. Ikigai is an interesting Japanese concept - In Japanese writing ( 生き甲斐, lit. ). At its core, it represents a reason for being, i.e. something that gives a person a sense of purpose or reason for living or wanting to keep going on. This can be briefly summarized in the anglo-french expression: one's raison etre.

As illustrated in the charts, the essence of life, mission, and passion could be plotted to assist in finding one’s ikigai.




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The Japanese author Héctor García and Spanish co-author Francesc Miralles in their book entitled “IKIGAI: The Japanese Secret To a Long and Happy Life, put together a list of 10 core rules of ikigai as illustrated below


The 10 Rules of Ikigai

1. Don't retire. Life is a journey.

Do not give up what you love. If you have to adapt or search for a new course, Keep serving and adding value to yourself and society at large.





2. Don’t Hurry, i.e., ” Make time to take your time.”

Be calm, cool, and gentle. Indeed there is so much bliss in tranquility and silence. Through Calm, we can empty stress and anxiety and manifest mindfulness, peace of mind, and well-being – core recipes for joy and happiness.

3. Eat well, and don’t overeat.

 Balance and quality are essential here. Heed the advice of the Marcopera. “Watch out what goes into your body and mind. Every input is like a seed waiting to germinate accordingly.” Inhabitants of the famous village of Ogimi, who are noted for having unusually long lives, are said to cultivate the habit of eating only to 80 %;-Barely full. Interestingly, scientific research has corroborated calorie intake restriction and longevity.

4. Have friends around you.



Good relationships are a tenet of lasting happiness. Countless studies do actually show that lonely people are more likely to be miserable and depressed.


5. Keep moving.

Activity and movement nourish the body and mind;-Movement improves circulation, heart, brain, and mental health. Besides, it helps you stay in shape.


6. Keep smiling and laughing genuinely

Laughter and a genuine smile are delightful music to the soul and mind. Watch little kids laugh, jump and play around, and you will grasp what joy there is in pure laughter.

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7.Reconnect with nature

Walk around nature, and take time to admire the flowers and Plants. It is like mentally unplugging from the buzz and hecticness of urbanization and city life and reconnecting with nature via the senses to foster mindfulness and rejuvenate the mind and body.

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8. Be thankful; - Practice Gratitude

Research shows cultivating gratitude and thankfulness fosters more happiness and fulfillment. Get more Japanese inspiration from wabi-sabi- the acceptance of transience and imperfection.


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” You are your own first and major love; If you can not truly love yourself, who should.?”
–The Marcopera

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9. Remain mentally present

In Japanese lingo:  Ichi-go Ichi-e treasure the moment. Mindfulness conveys calm and inner peace. In fact, scientific research shows that the practice of mindfulness can significantly reduce stress levels and anxiety, help us manage our emotions, cultivate self-compassion and empathy toward others, and even strengthen relationships.

10. Follow your unique talent and passion, aka your ikigai

Make it your mission to find out what your true purpose in life is. Discover and tap into those strengths and skills which enhance mental and physical harmony and enable you to make a living while passionately serving yourself and the community.



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* NB: Disclosure Policy: As an Amazon Associate, Happysimus earns commissions from qualifying purchases

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