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Happysimus was founded in 2021 by the Physician popularly known as The Marcopera.

Its blueprint stems from the classic self-help and motivation novel – 50 Golden Rules for a happy and fulfilled life.

The aforementioned writing delves deep-with elaborations and real-life experiences into a   diverse range of pertinent life issues –  encompassing the journey of life,  meaning and a purpose,  everyday societal challenges, stigmas, and cultures, money and finance, wellbeing, health, romance, sex, and love,  principles, success traits and much more.

Our Mission

Higher philosophical tenets of life like religion, karma, justice, and death are also revealed and dissected in a medical doctor-like manner.

Happysimus,  in an attempt to foster inspiration and creativity as well as communication, has a special section that is dedicated to active and open dialogues, ideas, and suggestions to solutions towards creating a happy self, happy people, and a happy world indeed.

Meet the Team

A dedicated and happy group of individuals  willing to relentless contribute articles and insightful posts to uphold the spirit of Happysimus

The Marcopera

CEO and Co-Founder

black dalia

The Black Dalia




Marketing Head

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