Why keeping a new year’s resolution is so challenging


We are gradually approaching the end of the second month of the year. What a great time to take stock of the opulent goals and plans we drafted around the beginning of the new year.

To be precise, seven weeks have passed into the year 2022. That leaves us with barely 45 weeks until the end of the year. Yeah, I hear you saying time flies! My college math teacher would remind us to plot a graph at this junction to access what we have been able to achieve in these past weeks to have an insight into where we might be at the end of the year. That is exactly what I would like to implore you to do as well.   

With all due respect let me take a wild guess-It has been challenging and difficult to follow through with many of those goals, projects, and aspirations. A well-deserved pad on the shoulder if you are among the few on track with their goals.

This article is meant to identify some major reasons, challenges, and difficulties that hamper one’s success ability. Hopefully, it would help to positively alter the direction of your productivity and achievement curve.

Powerful ways to make and keep new year's resolutions

My experience dealing with people across several works of life and self-help coaching courses reveal various reasons why resolutions are hard to keep. Most people frequently fall short because of one or more of 10 major reasons I will mention as well as offer possible solutions to aid you on your new journey and endeavor.

One fundamental, albeit easily neglected aspect, stands out, though.

I am convinced this is huge: An often underestimated aspect about every goal setting and successful endeavor is the right mindset. This is like the inner drive that sets the whole ship in motion.

Below are the 10 main reasons people fail to follow through with a new year’s resolution, including possible solutions.

10 Main Reasons New YEAR’S Resolutions are HARD TO KEEP INCLUDING possible solutions

1. Not being clear about the exact “what” and the “why” of one’s goals and aspirations:

This one is Key. It is the inner blueprint and driving force of any goal or mission you embark on.

Solution: Clearly define aka be detailed and precise about what you desire. “I want 10000 more Dollars” is clearer than “I want more money.” Also, understanding the “why” behind any goal or desire serves as a potent drive. Dig deeper- at least three layers of ‘whys’ when setting your goal! 

e.g.  Paul says, ‘I want more money!’ –  The next questions are how much and why? -...’I want 3 K to be able to pay my bills.’ he quips.  Why is that important to you? –‘to be more independent.‘  he says.  Why do you want to be more independent?- he is further probed. ‘Independence makes me feel more responsible and happier’ etc. 

Dig deeper into every ‘why’ of your goals. The deeper, the better!  Aim to get down to a feeling as a reason. !

2. Not having a plan or strategy:

There is nothing as inefficient as trying to do something without a roadmap or blueprint.

Solution: Let planning, strategizing, creating blueprints and roadmaps be a regular habit in every important endeavor. Imagine a pilot departing an airport without carefully mapping out the flight route. How about matters that affect your life and wellbeing?

“Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed.”

Cavett Robert

3. Grossly underestimating the amount of effort and time required to achieve a goal:

It is no secret that significant changes require significant input.

Solution: Self honestly is important here. Stop deceiving yourself. There is a good reason why your condition is the way it is. Your standards have been subpar to mediocre. Sure everybody has their pace and rhythm, however, do not expect to lose 50 Pounds solely by taking a 5-minutes walk with your pet once a month. There is little gain in thinking, planning and never being ready to take sufficient action.

Also, avoid the “motion for action.” trap. It is one thing to go to the gym and another to actually use the training machines. Another way of putting it is ‘being busy does not mean getting things done!’ Be smart, effective, and efficient!


4. Not having enough burning desire:

So many people hope and wish for stuff in life rather than really wanting it. Just ponder and grasp the point for a while. The old saying ” If wishes were horses beggars would ride,” is indeed profound.

Solution: Do not only wish; really want and desire your goal like your last breath of air depended on it, and then go get it!

5. Being perpetually overwhelmed:

It is the equivalent of being defeated before ever starting a task. The old saying, if you put too much in your mouth, you might choke, applies to so many things in life, even your resolutions.

Solution: Just begin! Break your task into small bits. Take a step-by-step approach when faced with daunting tasks.

6. Not being patient and persistent enough:

Overnight successes are the exception. In general, major achievements require time and patience. Like a seed, a good amount of time is necessary for your objectives to blossom into a fruitful tree.

Solution: Be patient and be willing to grind on and go the extra mile. Just one extra step and then another and another…….


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7. Self-Doubt and mental exhaustion:

Maintaining focus and belief in one’s self is not always that trivial. Even the best of believers have their moments of darkness and hesitation.

Solution: Strengthen your belief through self-talk, positive affirmations, mingling with like-minded individuals, acknowledging and celebrating small wins along the journey.

8. Not having a source of accountability:

Everyone needs someone to offer that extra push in life. It is a common human tendency to gravitate towards one’s comfort zone.

Solution: Find someone who can hold you accountable; Even a mentor or a coach, to guide you through your undertaking. It is indeed no coincidence that the best systems utilize checks and balances. A useful journal could help you organize your ideas.

9. Lack of focus and too many distractions :

Many people underestimate how distractions and lack of focus play a big role in killing motivation and progress.

Solution: Identify and stay away from distractors and distractions. (Social media, non-urgent conversations, Video games, distracting friends and relatives ). Remind yourself and Reevaluate your objectives, progress and goals regularly

10. Chronic laziness and poor discipline:

It takes more than willpower to put on those sneakers and head to the gym, more so when you have not succeeded in stepping out before or quite a while.

Solution: Understand that you will need to grind and step out of your comfort zone to create changes. Mind you, what you cannot achieve today is not going to be easier tomorrow on the contrary. How badly do you really want it? If not NOW, then WHEN?

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