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7 Great Ways to Invest in Yourself

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Roy T. Bennett, author of the inspiring and uplifting novel “The Light in the Heart,” famously stated: “There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. It is the best investment you can make; you can never go wrong with it. It is the true way to improve yourself to be the best version of you and lets you be able to best serve those around you.”


We spend much of our time with formal education, be it in kindergarten, pre-school, high school, or university, and yet devote little time to deeply invest in the most crucial part of the equation; ourselves. Indeed the best gift you can offer to yourself is to invest in yourself! Below are seven exciting ways to maximize our potential and dividends by actively, consciously, and regularly investing in ourselves.

1. Make learning a continuous habit and routine.

You must have read before that the most successful people do not fold their hands after amassing fame, wealth, and success and bid farewell to knowledge and education. On the contrary, they are avid readers and learners. e.g., It is widely known that billionaires like Waren Buffet keep reading new books and entertaining new ideas despite their stash of cash and immense fortune. And even if they are uninterested in reading, they tend to surround themselves with people who can read and interpret vital and crucial information for them. The world is an ever-evolving and dynamic playing field with innovations and constant new ideas coming into the markets. The big players understand that being on top of their games means consuming more knowledge and wisdom. Besides, one can never learn enough new things and ideas.

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2. Take care of your precious body

Your body is your sacred and personal temple. Let’s face it: that’s what you carry along wherever you go, ever since birth until death. Talk about utmost maintenance and care! You have to give this entity you carry all over downright first-class treatment- mind you, on a regular basis!
That translates to so many things: Good rest, enough mobility, proper diet – more on that below.
You can even add good makeup to the list. It is your goddam body!
Who else are you admiring or talking about caring for if you cannot care for your own body?

3. Mind your diet, i.e., be very careful about what goes into your body and even your mind

The famous Marcopera often cautions, “Watch out for what goes into your body and mind. Every input is like a seed waiting to germinate” Those drugs, cigarettes, and junk food would slowly but certainly leave their mark over time. Imagine regularly working hard to save for retirement tomorrow when your habits today are loudly pointing towards neglect, ailments, and ill health in the future.

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4. Surround yourself with people who are Uplifting and motivating

 By now, you are familiar with the expression; the people you surround yourself with today will directly or indirectly affect what you become tomorrow. Spend time with lousy procrastinators and time wasters, and you also end up expressing much of that trait over time. I am not suggesting you should go and abruptly ditch out your non-productive friends and family members- Perhaps they are a source of solace concerning other pertinent aspects of your life. The message is to create awareness with a candid analysis of the pros and cons of where your habitual interactions have taken you so far and then take appropriate steps and action.

5. Have good relationships and partners.

What are the nature and dynamics of your romantic relationship? Who have you chosen as a partner? Who are you married to, i.e., decided to spend the rest of your life with, assuming you are going in for good? The common relationship expression “your better half” or your right-hand person” all lay credence to one fact: who you choose to spend your life with will mare or make you. Your happiness and prosperity shall greatly depend on who you have next to you. Nothing is as terrible as spending your time emotionally and mentally drained by someone toxic. Choose diligently and wisely!

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6. Learn the basics of money and finance

You see, most people would tell you money cannot buy happiness, or money is not all that matters in life, and yet incredibly, have their lives and livelihood directly or indirectly affected by the weight of their paycheck. Guess what? Money is very important in life. It affects where you live, what activities you engage in, what kind of doctor you visit, what you can afford for your kids, and how much you can donate to charity. In fact, money dictates your life on many levels. When next you say money is not that important. Think twice and then ask yourself how comfortable you are with the amount in your bank account and be mindful of how much time, effort, and energy you devote to changing that number regularly.
Start understanding the dynamics and fundamentals of wealth and money. Be informed about the tax code, Insurance, and basic investment concepts. The earlier, the better! And by the way, it does not matter whether you have or are pursuing a degree in finance.

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7. Nurture your mind

This is soo important that I could write a whole book on it. The mind! The human powerhouse. The driving force of your life. It affects how you feel, think, act and interact. It confers comfort when you are sad, frustrated, or depressed. It affects your outlook on life and how you react to adversity and challenges. One cannot overemphasize the importance of investing abundant personal resources in the emotional and mental sectors. Learn emotional maturity, practice mental tranquility, and learn how to control vices like anger, aggression, jealousy, and resentment.
Cultivate gratitude, empathy, and compassion. It also entails understanding genuine Self-acceptance, self-care, and self-love.
Moreover, it encompasses self-motivation and creativity.
In fact, it involves Vitality and Life as a whole.
I implore you to actively, regularly, and consciously nurture your mind!

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