How She Quit Her Very Good-Paying Job and Career to Pursue a Life of Service. – Life as a unique journey, A puzzle, and a maze

How She Quit Her Very Good-Paying Job

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.’ So, pursue your passion relentlessly and let it guide you towards a life of purpose and extraordinary success.”

– Steve Jobs

“That was one of the best and most fulfilling decisions I ever made.”
Those were the cheerful words of a charismatic young lady Innes, who gave up the glamour, prestige, and beauty of the cooperate world and quit her very lucrative good-paying job after graduating from law school to help empower young girls via basic educative community services in developing nations around the globe.

One could feel the zest and passion as she beamed with excitement, talking about her exhilarating and diverse experiences in places as far as Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa.
Conventional wisdom would question why someone so accomplished and well-off would trade that all for a life of uncertainty and service.

In her own words, it was sort of a newfound wealth not measured by her status or dept of her bank account but by an intrinsically rewarding currency. Not only her family psychiatrist but also her loved ones marveled at her relegating her regular medication, therapy session, and refills to the back seat. Her chronic anxiety and mood disorders she had come to accept as natural ever since adolescence all but vanished 6 months after making that gigantic leap.

Ironically, she barely had any favorable support at the beginning, tormented by stiff self-doubt and discouragement from her close circle, friends, family doctor, and work colleagues at the beginning – the Resistance and discouragement from friends and relatives during the decision process were immense and unsettling.
One thing that made her stay the course was the fact that every new month at the job site was grueling and more miserable than the previous one.

Applying the pain-pleasure equation learned from a psychology junior year class, she was convinced embracing the challenge was way more preferable to the pain and misery of her everyday situation. And so five years ago, after another miserable week, she finally gathered the courage and tendered her resignation letter. Even her closest friends and colleagues, who never really felt she would pull it through and thought perhaps she had been joking all along, were convinced she was nuts.
They raised security concerns and talked about her wasting her Life. Her best friend even considered it a betrayal.

She acknowledges, of course, these concerns, especially from loved ones and friends who knew her best, were often made with good intentions and out of love, She understood it would not be a smooth ride, just as it was, but she had such a burning desire and longing to set sail and embrace the challenge of the imaginable pleasurable unknown..

Today her ever-growing friends, fans, and admirers marvel at her newfound zest and vitality; the touching words of admiration and gratitude she often gets from the lives and communities she touches leave not only herself but also her loved ones with teary eyes.

Innes’s story and her experiences are a testament to the profound words of The famous Marcopera, who, in a profound quote, asserts, “Life is a unique journey, a puzzle, a maze, with no real wrong or right path. It could be challenging, albeit also fun. Seek your own special path, take full responsibility, and graciously embrace and move towards your chosen destination.”

Indeed, Life is like a puzzle— akin to a magnificent riddle waiting to be solved. Each one of us is handed a unique set of pieces, and it’s up to us to put them together. We interact with others – family, friends, the society yet on a very personal level, we all yearn to find that unique path that aligns with our true passions and purpose.
What is particular is, there’s no real instruction manual, no right or wrong answers. Only clues, recommendations, and suggestions.

The journey we embark upon is entirely ours to shape.
Of course, it is imperative that we shove off the blame game and take full responsibility for our choices, our actions, and our own happiness.
It must not be to appease someone or because the Jones and Johnsons are doing that or because someone expects us to behave in a particular way.


 Certainly, it should be cautiously stated it is not an appeal to act recklessly or take uncalculated risks.
It’s also easy to get lost or overwhelmed in the maze of Life. but oftentimes, it’s also during those challenging moments that we find our true selves. It’s in those times that we learn, grow, and discover the strength we never knew we possessed.

 Each puzzle piece represents a decision, an opportunity, or a moment of significance. Some pieces fit seamlessly, while others require a bit of creative rearrangement.
A core message is there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for someone else might not work for you, and that’s okay. Your journey is uniquely yours. Whichever choice one makes, it’s essential to embrace both the challenges and the joys, the unexpected detours, the failures, and the setbacks. They’re all part of the grand adventure. And may it be loudly said when you encounter success, celebrate it with gratitude and humility.

Be bold and courageous to contemplate, ponder and Seek your own special route. Explore, experiment, and follow your heart. Don’t be afraid to take risks or step out of your comfort zone. A wise person once said Life rewards those who dare to forge their own destiny.

Many underappreciate their potential and power to create a life that brings genuine fulfillment and happiness.

I shall conclude again in The Marcopera’s words “Life isn’t solely about accepting the societal supposed correct route; it’s about listening to the voice deep within and courageously crafting our own routes and resolutely propelling ourselves forward, gracefully navigating the twists and turns, detours and hills that lie ahead, with unwavering line with our core purpose and desires.”

Get up! Move and create the Life of your dreams.

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